• Company:MedGenome
  • Founder(s):Sam Santosh
  • Locations:San Francisco (USA), Bangalore (INDIA)
  • Business:Genomics for Medicine

MedGenome strives to diagnose molecular genetic basis of complex diseases by applying advanced sequencing and other established clinical technologies to enable clinicians to take effective intervention and management decisions and improve quality of patients’ lives.

Saksin LifeSciences
  • Company:Saksin LifeSciences
  • Locations:Chennai (INDIA)
  • Business:Biologics based drug discovery

Saksin is focused on drug discovery leveraging its expertise in biologics. The company is currently operating in stealth mode.

  • Company:Clairvoyant
  • Founder(s):Chandra Ambadipudi
  • Locations:Chandler, AZ (USA), Pune, (INDIA)
  • Business:Data Analytics

Clairvoyant is focused on data analytics.

Collecting the vast amounts of data generated internally by companies and making sense of it could take weeks or months; which more often that not is too late to respond to the rapidly changing marketplace. At Clairvoyant, developing solutions to quickly extract, model, and provide meaningful analytics around clients’ data is the focus. Clairvoyant’s team of data scientists and engineers have the expertise, and experience to jump start any big data initiative.

  • Company:Impelsys
  • Founder(s):Sameer Shariff
  • Locations:New York (USA), Bangalore (INDIA)
  • Business:ePublishing and eLearning

Impelsys is a leading provider of electronic content delivery solutions to the global publishing and education market. We provide our clients with technology products and services to market, distribute and deliver digital content quickly and effectively. With industry-proven technology products like iPublishCentral and KnowledgePlatform, Impelsys is the technology partner for many leading publishers - helping them compete, evolve and grow in an increasingly complex marketplace

  • Company:Edutor
  • Founder(s):Ram Gollamudi
  • Locations:Hyderabad (INDIA)
  • Business:eLearning

Edutor is focused on leveraging emerging technologies to engage learners while driving efficiencies and effectiveness in educational institutes' teaching-learning processes. We are also great believers in "the power of personal learning"! Children have an incredible thirst for knowledge - we just need to find the right way to satiate this thirst.