Initial Discussion

Initial discussion to assess current situation and requirements

Selection criteria include:

  • Product or automated service based company
  • 2 years - 4 years in business
  • $2-4M in revenue
  • Founders and management team with significant ownership in the company

Due Diligence

We ask the following:

  • Do Emerge Ventures and the company have a shared vision of success and exit?
  • Are all components for success in place?
  • What are the "gaps" that need to filled for the company to succeed?
  • Fit between needs of the business and Emerge Ventures capabilities


  • Investment Outlay
  • Business Review and Streamlining
  • Commitment of 1 CXO grade executive person for 6-8 months
  • Professional CFO and COO access
  • Consultation with ex-CEOs with relevant functional / domain expertise
  • Creation of an advisory board


  • Based on predefined triggers
  • Complete alignment with investors and entrepreneurs

Case Study

Initial State (2010)

  • Company with early version of ePublishing platform and services revenue
  • 2010 revenue of $4M
  • Company strategic focus on large publishers not working, team tired, high cost financing
  • STUCK!


  • Emerge Ventures partnership in 2011
  • Strategic evaluation of the product, services, team and market
  • Refocused on smaller publisher with captive clients and proprietary content
  • Revamp the team with new Head of Services, Product, Marketing, Sales
  • Internal systems and metrics
  • Product extension into eLearning
  • 2012 sales $12M+
  • New sales and marketing team