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Our Companies

Since 2008, we have founded and built 9 life science companies, a portfolio that is comprised of both established industry leaders and soon-to-be-known successes. With multiple patents, our companies have an aggregate market value of more than $400 million and have provided a 10x return to our early investors. ​And we are only getting started.

Founded: 2011

Medgenome is being India’s leading genomic diagnostics and research company which leverages South Asia’s unique founder populations to discover better diagnostics, screening tests and novel drug targets that address significant unmet needs across global markets.

Awarded MedTech Breakthrough award for biomedical research in 2018.

Founded: 2015

Theragen is developing medicine to treat diabetic retinopathy, the leading cause of vision loss for diabetics worldwide at 1/9th the current cost.

Founded: 2015

OncoPept is developing new therapies that empower the human immune system to beat cancer.

Ready to start two clinical trials. 

Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma and HPV.

Head and Neck squamous cell carcinoma.

Founded: 2014

AgriGenome is being India’s leading plant and animal genomics company with 800+ research clients and a world-class seed development program.

Rice seed varieties that provide 25% more yield and 15-day decreased production cycle, is entering the regulatory approval process in 2019.

Founded: 2015

MagGenome is making biomedical research more effective and cost efficient through its patented magnetic nano-particle technology.

Founded: 2018

Antlera is creating solutions for bone and tissue regeneration, addressing long unsolved issues including bone growth, hair loss and GI repair.

Founded: 2017

Saksin is developing a better and more affordable biologic drug to cure adult blindness caused by wet AMD at 1/9th the current cost.

Founded: 2018

ModMab is leveraging the protein engineering revolution to develop new cancer medicines.

Modular Medically relevant antibody (ModMab) Therapeutics is a mid-stage drug development company with significant antibody drug candidate portfolio.

Founded: 2018

Emerge Biologics is believing that bio-betters can fill massive unmet patient and health system needs by accelerating the timelines for novel therapies, that act on known targets, to become available in emerging markets.

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