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We believe the world is ready for new ways to cure human disease and expand access to better health for all. 

Our Story

We started Emerge in 2008 to innovatively apply paradigm-changing scientific and technological advances to the discovery and development of novel, personalized therapies and affordable, high-quality food. 

Our deep roots in the life sciences in India uniquely position Emerge to help Indian scientists successfully commercialize their discoveries while staying true to their purpose. We provide our founder-scientists with business expertise, commercial knowledge, and extensive networks comprised of highly accomplished leaders in business, science, and technology who have made ELS's work their life’s mission. The result is a singular ecosystem of cutting-edge discovery, go-to-market acumen, and management expertise.

Our Philosophy

Working at the intersection of the genomics, artificial intelligence, and protein engineering revolutions, our team of scientists and entrepreneurs invents solutions - diagnostic tests, medicines, and seeds - that help people live better lives. 

We seek out world-class scientific leaders and founders who have made discoveries and created intellectual property that has the potential for transformative health impact and massive economic value.

Our Team


Mahesh Pratapneni

Founder & Managing Partner

Mahesh Pratapneni is a visionary investor, founder, and strategist in the India life sciences and technology sectors. He is known for building outstanding global teams, differentiated strategies, and successful exits. He currently serves as Executive Director of MedGenome and is on the boards of AgriGenome Labs, Saksin Life Sciences, Theragen, and Emerge Biologics. Mahesh earned his undergraduate degree in electronics and communications from IIT Madras, and his MBA from IIM Calcutta.


Vishva M. Dixit

Special Advisor

Vishva M. Dixit, M.D., Vice President of Physiological Chemistry at Genentech, Inc. has made many contributions to biomedicine, and his early work on apoptosis is prominent in introductory textbooks of biology and medicine. He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Medicine, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a Foreign Member, European Molecular Biology Organization. Additionally, he serves on the Boards of the Gates Foundation, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and Keystone Symposia.


Chandra Ambadipudi


Chandra has more than 20 years of expertise in technology and related services across various industries. With a strong engineering background, coupled with successful entrepreneur track record, Chandra will focus on identifying and developing new business opportunities at Emerge Life Sciences.

our team
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